NEW FOR 2021

Urban Boundaries / Catchment Areas:
For AA and AAA the City of Winnipeg is divided into 4 quadrants with each quarter representing the 4 current
‘AAA’ softball organizations. We will partner with the Manitoba Angels - west of the Red River, north of the Assiniboine River, as per the electoral boundaries of the City of Winnipeg. Adding athletes residing in the Westdale Community Club catchement.


Rationale for the Change:
The membership voted in favor of such change - seeking the new policy as a way to encourage increased development for all athletes and overall growth of Softball through increased stability and progress within the ‘AAA’ Organizations. Strengthening the Organizations should result in a heightened level of play within the Province and on the National stage. The stability will now allow organizations to promote the sport within their boundaries and provide better guidance for player development and advancement all while raising the level of exposure of ‘AAA’ softball programs to local players. There is now a direct link to programming in the specific community for development purposes that provides a performance pathway for athletes and coaches if they choose a more competitive route. Boundaries have been successful in the rural regions with retention and development of athletes and by following the rural model, Softball Manitoba’s Membership look forward for the new policy to do the same for the Winnipeg athletes and organizations.

Last season was a great success for all involved.  Every age group and division was able to play a full season and participate in a provincial championship without incident. Softball was the first sport to return to play in Canada and Manitoba led the way, taking the field before any other province. We thank everyone involved from parents to players to coaches to organizers and are looking forward to another fun and healthy summer!
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